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Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Double Buggy’s Storage


When you have two kids close in age, you’ll feel like you’re on an impossible mission to find baby gear that works for both of them. There’s so much stuff you don’t need, and a lot of things you only need to buy one of. You’ll also find things that you can’t live without. Perhaps, the most essential product you need to buy for your young children is a stroller.

Finding a stroller can be a nightmare. You have to find one that fits your budget and has all the features you desire. It’s even harder when you have two kids because you have to decide whether to buy two or invest in a double buggy. Your best bet is to put your money in a double buggy. You’ll save on price and have a much easier time packing one up when you have to go places.

You want a stroller that is going to last forever, even when you think your kid has grown out of riding in a buggy. You’ll thank yourself later when your five-year-old’s feet get tired while walking around Disney. Buggies aren’t only responsible for carrying your baby, but all of the supplies you’ve bought as well. You’re going to want to be prepared when you take your baby out places.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your baby’s double buggy storage.

1. Use a Carabiner to Hold Heavy Bags

When you’re strolling around, you’ll be tempted to stuff the bags you have or the bags you acquire into the basket of your buggy. Stuffing bags into your stroller can suck for two reasons: they won’t fit securely and getting your other supplies out can be super difficult.

When you buy a jumbo carabiner, or a couple, then you’re able to turn your double buggy into a personal grocery cart. Just clip them onto the handle of your buggy, and you’re good to go. You can use it for your purse, your kids’ jacket, or shopping bags.

2. Make an Extra Cup Holder

While it’s not difficult to find a stroller with a cup holder, not all buggies are equipped with one. If you need somewhere to store your drink while walking with your baby, then craft a cup holder out of fabric. Make sure your holder has straps so that you can hook it to your handle, making it always within your reach. If you’re not super crafty, you can also repurpose other objects, like a compartment from an over-the-door fabric shoe organiser.

3. Strap a Reusable Tote to the Back for Extra Storage

If you really need extra space for holding things then you should invest in a few tote bags that are sturdy and big, like the blue IKEA bags. Their handles are wide, making them perfect for slipping onto your handles. The handles are also shorter, so it won’t swing too far one or another.

3. Make a Pouch for Your Cell Phone

Many double buggies come with a storage tray, but these small, shallow holders aren’t a safe spot for your phone. One quick manoeuvre or curb can send your phone flying from its storage space. Use some DIY skills to craft your own small pouch for your cell phone. Like many other tips, this simple storage solution slips easily over your stroller handle and allows you to always have easy access to your phone.

4. Use Ankle Weights to Keep Stroller Weight Distributed

This tip doesn’t have to do with storage directly but can help optimise the stabilisation of your stroller when you’re traveling with a lot. Too often, you’ll pull your child out of their stroller, and the whole thing goes tumbling over. This issue will stop when you place ankle weights above the front wheels of the buggy. Weights will keep it from falling backward when you have things stored in the back.

The Bottom Line

You have enough on your hands raising two children close in age, don’t let a troublesome stroller add to it. These tips and tricks will help you sort out any storage issues you may have when you purchase a pushchair.

If you’re having trouble choosing which buggy is best for your needs, check out our reviews at Double Buggy Reviews. We’re the one-stop source for everything you need to know when you’re looking to purchase your next pushchair or stroller. We know the criteria needed for a great double buggy, and finding the right buggy is crucial when you have to take care of two babies. Our aim is to ensure that you’re buying the best pushchair for you, whether it’s from a leading brand or a lesser known name.

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