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4 Snacks That Won’t Make Your Buggy Messy

Buggies are potentially one of the best pieces of baby gear to have. They make transporting baby possible and can be used even once your baby becomes a walking toddler who has become too heavy to carry.

However, kids are messy, especially when it comes to food. They lack the finesse that will develop later on to keep an area neat and tidy. This is principally true when riding in something that’s far more difficult to clean, like the buggy. Car seats have the advantage of removable covers, while high chairs are just an easy wipe down from being clean again. Buggies, on the other hand, do not fit into the washable category very well.

Since snacks on the go are a must, it’s best to source out ones that won’t cause a huge mess. Below are options that can make buggy snacking less frustrating when it comes time to clean and are delicious without being a disaster in the buggy.


Food Options

Keeping snacks simple is the best way to go about keeping the buggy clean. It’s when snacks have multiple parts that can be squished and squirted everywhere that they quickly lose their appeal, especially in the buggy.

Avoiding outright squeezable options, like yogurt tubes and things that require utensils, can help keep your buggy cleaner. Along these lines, sliced fruits and veggies, cubes of cheese, and biscuit type snacks are popular options that can be easier to clean.

Sliced fruits and veggies are great for finger foods, and things like snap peas, apple slices, or baby carrots make for perfect things to gnaw on, without the fear of being squished into oblivion. Plus, they’re a healthier option!

Biscuit oriented snacks can be harder to accomplish, because of crumbs, but usually, more solid varieties like breakfast ones will have just enough moisture to them that they aren’t super crunchy and therefore not super crumbly. They won’t be moist enough to land in the easily squished category either. One of the only downsides to cubed cheeses is that it will require help staying cool. Warm summer days can lead to melted, or at least very squishy cheese cubes, so this is an option that will require some planning ahead.

Here are some specific ideas to get your buggy snack-time cleaner:

  1. Fruits: Grapes cut in half, sliced strawberries, apple slices, and orange slices. Avoid the squishier snacks that are softer such as melons, mangoes, bananas, and blueberries, so as to keep the buggy clean. Many dried versions of these kinds of fruits are available, however.
  2. Veggies: Carrots, sugar snap peas, sliced bell pepper, and cucumber slices. Vegetables are often less juicy than fruits and less squishy. This makes them an ideal mess-free snack for the buggy.
  3. Dairy: Avoiding the yogurt tubes that are so tempting to squish doesn’t mean leaving dairy out of the snack picture. Cubed cheeses, especially sturdier cheeses like cheddars, are excellent buggy snack options, as are yogurt drinks that involve a sturdy container and straw.
  4. Biscuit or Granola Style Bars: While avoiding crumbs could be a detriment to this snack category, there are many styles of snack crackers that do not crumble at the slightest touch. Instead, they are produced with a texture that still satisfies the feeling of biting into something, without the dryness that normal crackers would have that allows them to crumble. Avoiding fruit-filled bars is recommended, but many granola bars are moist enough that they do not crumble.

Storage Solutions


Now that you may have some perfect buggy snack ideas, you still need to make sure that you have the right method for storing and carrying them to really keep things clean.

The marketplace of baby gear is a never-ending one. New things to make the lives of parents easier are always coming out, and a broad category in this is how to keep things less messy or organized, or both. The same is true when it comes to food, and storing snacks on the go. Proper organization of snacks for the buggy will help streamline snacking.

Investing in individual snacking containers with lids can make for easier serving sizes. There are also things that are no spill, or limited access snack cups as well as drink and snack combo containers. Gyroscope-based snack bowls are widely popular, as the interior bowl that holds the snack can never be turned enough to allow the snack to spill. Some snack cups feature a rubber based lid with a cut out that allows small hands to get to the snack but prevents the entire snack from flying everywhere. Potentially best is the relatively new snack cup and drink combo that allows for much easier snacking on the go.

Mess-Free Snacking in the Buggy

Snacking on the go doesn’t have to mean a stained up or dirty buggy. By utilizing the four categories of snacks above and combining those with the right snack container, maintaining a tidy buggy has never been easier.

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