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Our Top 7 Highest Rated Double Buggys in 2019

Updated March 3, 2019
Welcome to Double Buggy Reviews, the home of everything that you need to know when considering purchasing your next double buggy or pushchair.

Written by parents of twins, we know that making sure that you are finding the right buggy for your needs is vital, especially when it comes to ensuring that they are going to be able to cope with the strain of everyday life, because having two toddlers is more than enough to have to cope with right?

Our aim is to not only help you to find the double buggy that is right for you but that also allows you to get an insight into how each of the leading names fair against the lesser known brands, helping you to make the most informed decision you can.

We know that although the thought of getting your hands on a brand such as Maclaren is fantastic, not every parent has the ability to be able to part with that much on their push chair choice, so we have teamed up with some of the biggest retailers to put different double buggies to the test.

The 7 Best Double Buggy Overview

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite — Best Sit and Stand Stroller

The Joovy Ultralights are the best in the double strollers reviews overall for light weight, adaptability, stability, and convenience. As the review shows, the Ultralight is 10 percent lighter than the original! These buggies are compatible with up to 28 different brands of car seats, and children from birth to 2.5 years can ride this buggy.

The Ultralight comes with a built-in standing platform, so an older child can sit or stand in the rear. The stroller’s uniquely engineered design offers optimal stability. Easy to fold and stow away, the buggy in this review folds smaller than most double strollers in our reviews. A parent-organizer provides pockets for parents to stash phones, newborn bottles, water bottle and more! Additional storage is under the rear seat. Other accessories shown in the review include a tray and canopy with front and rear coverage.

ZOE Umbrella XL2 Double Stroller, DELUXE — Best Lightweight, All Purpose Side by Side

The stylish Zoe Umbrella is like the luxury car in the reviews of double strollers. The lightest stroller in the reviews, this all-purpose stroller is best for travel, urban strolls, and more! As the review shows, this side-by-side stroller features two fully-padded seats and large 4-panel canopies with hidden extensions for maximum protection from the elements.

A magnetic peek-a-boo window makes it easy to check on the children. Each canopy has a storage pocket for stowing keys, cell phones, etc., while a basket beneath the seats provides storage for larger items. The Zoe XL2 covered in this review also comes with a cup holder for each child seat and one for the parents. Additional accessories shown in the review include a snack tray and a padded double front-belly bar. This stroller is easy to fold and very compact and comes with a lifetime warranty on the wheels.

Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller — Best General-Purpose Tandem

For versatility, the Contours Options double stroller is the best in the strollers reviews. This tandem stroller has a whopping 7 different seating options. Both seats can be front facing, rear facing, facing toward or away from each other, and more! The brilliant design allows this stroller to accommodate not just one, but two car seats. Both seats can hold children up to 40 pounds each. If needed, the rear seat can also be removed for parents who have one child but need space to stow away groceries.

With both seats on, a large mesh storage area under the seats with side-zipper access optimizes this buggy for ultimate convenience. Other exciting design inspirations covered in the review include a sandal-friendly brake pedal, along with rubber coated wheels and dynamic front and rear suspension that ensure your children a smooth, comfortable ride. Head on over to the full review for more details!

Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller — Best Double Umbrella Stroller

The Maclaren stroller wins in our reviews for offering the best weather protection. As the review depicts, each seat has a foldable, waterproof canopy with an extendable sun visor. Also seen in the review is a clear rain cover that attaches over each seat to protect from rain while allowing the best visibility. Your children can sit up or kick back with multiple reclining positions and a leg support cushion. An oversized shopping basket behind each seat provides storage space.

The Maclaren features a 4-wheel suspension, and foot-operated linked breaks makes it easy to stop the stroller. Self-serviceable replaceable parts are available for the wheels. Removeable and washable seat covers makes cleaning up spilled drinks and snacks a breeze. As shown in the review, the double stroller can be folded with one hand, and a side carry handle makes it easy to transport when folded.

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller — Best Side-by-Side, Compact All-Terrain

The City Mini GT ranks as a premier, side-by-side double buggy. Plush seats that recline to a near-flat position allow your children to travel in comfort. A sun canopy with UV 50+ rating, ventilation for the seat tops, and peek-a-boo windows provides optimal comfort and protection from the elements. Four all-terrain, non-flat tires with front-wheel suspension create a smooth ride in any condition.

This double stroller also has an adjustable handlebar that is suitable for parents of all heights, as well as a flip-flop friendly hand-operated brake. Patented quick-fold, auto-lock technology means this double stroller can be folded and transported with just one hand. A large storage area under the seats makes it easy to carry baby gear and more. Car seat adapters are available for ultimate convenience. This double stroller accommodates up to 100 pounds.

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX / PRO Duallie Stroller—Best Side-by-Side Sporty All-Terrain/Jogger

The BOB double strollers are the most state-of-the-art in the strollers reviews. Designed to be strollers and joggers, both BOB strollers in the reviews feature a swiveling-locking tire in the front for excellent maneuverability and stability on rough terrain. Both BOB strollers in the review also have adjustable handlebars with 9 different positions, making them perfect for parents of any height.

A top-of-the-line suspension system ensures a smooth ride, and the high-impact polymer tires ensure extra durability and shock absorption. Car seat adapters are available to make these strollers ready to travel. BOB strollers are convenient and easy to carry with a simple two-step fold. In addition to these great review specs, the BOB Pro Duallie stroller review shows hand-activated downhill brakes for superior downhill control. For the sporty parents who want to take their little ones on their active adventures, the BOB Flex and Pro Duallie strollers are among the best choices.

Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller — Best Fixed/Swivel Wheel Jogger

The double Summit X3 side-by-side comes out in our reviews as one of the best jogger strollers. A front-swivel tire provides maneuverability, while a remote, handlebar front-wheel lock makes it easy to switch from stroller to jogger mode with one hand motion. As seen in the review, the handlebar design enables one-handed steering, and hand-operated rear brakes allow for improved control. All-wheel suspension guarantees a smooth ride no matter how rough the terrain.

Large, adjustable UV 50+ sun canopies protect your kids from the heat, while seat back and side ventilation pockets allow get fresh air. Two peek-a-boo windows let you check in on the little ones. This double stroller also has multiple reclining positions, making it suitable for a quick jog or a long journey. The Summit X3 is appropriate for children from birth up to 50 pounds. See the full stroller review of this best fixed/swivel jogger for more exciting details and analysis!

Which double buggy should you buy?

Buying a double stroller is like buying a car. Choosing the best one depends on what you want, when and where you expect to use it, and comparing the pros and cons before making your purchase.

Our best double stroller reviews offer an analysis of the best strollers and buggies on the market in multiple categories, from the best all-purpose strollers, to the best lightweight strollers, best jogger strollers and more.

Check our best strollers reviews to find an evaluation of the best in each category and to discover what is the best double buggy for you and your children!

Things to Consider When Buying a Double Stroller or Pushchair

When going through a double strollers review, it helps to prioritize the needs of both the kids and the parents. As you read the double strollers reviews, take notes on each review with the following checklist to decide which review details are more important when choosing the double stroller that’s best for you.

  • Seating Style: Tandem or Side-by-Side
  • Seating Material
  • Harness Style (Three-Point or Five-Point)
  • Weight Capacity
  • Canopy Design
  • Two-Handle or Handlebar Steering
  • Storage Capacity
  • Versatility (adjustable front or rear-facing seating)
  • Car seat adaptability
  • Adjustable Handlebar for Parents of Any Height
  • Front or All-Wheel Suspension
  • Flat, Non-Flat, All-Terrain, Air-Filled Tires, etc.
  • Brake Lock Mechanism (hand or foot-operated)
  • Accessories

Each full review provides the details and benefits of each relevant stroller. Continue to read the buggy reviews to find which of the double strollers is best for you and your little ones!

Difference between Pushchair, Buggy, Stroller and Pram

Before going through the reviews for the best strollers, let’s sort out the terminology. That way when you read a strollers review, you know you’re looking at the best type for your children. After all, what is the difference between a pushchair, buggy, stroller and pram?

The difference is in the age groups. Prams are best newborns, so they can lie flat. A pushchair is best for infants who can sit up on their own. A stroller is best for toddlers and young children. A buggy can refer to either a pushchair or a stroller.

And if that’s not confusing enough, some double strollers in our reviews function as all these types! Check out our double strollers reviews to find out which option works best for your children, depending on their ages and weights.

What Type of Stroller do I really need?

When researching the reviews for the best strollers, a top concern for many parents is their children’s comfort and safety. For the best comfort and safety, review details like the seat material, weight capacity, harness style, tire types and suspension, and the canopy are all specifications to consider. Luckily, all these details are covered in each of our review.

Parental comfort is also an important review factor. Choosing the best stroller means not just looking at the little details in the double strollers reviews, but considering how the stroller will fit into your overall life. Parents with different aged and sized children might check the reviews for tandem seating, which is best for optimal weight distribution. Other review specs like adaptable seats for front and/or rear-facing are best for parents who want to see their children’s faces. Parents who travel frequently might check the stroller reviews for car seat adaptability.

Parental lifestyle is also an important review factor to keep in mind when reading our various analysis on the best buggies. Parents on-the-go might can check a review for a double stroller that’s best for folding and transport. Parents who like jogging will want to parse the reviews for strollers with sturdy wheels and locks. Ultimately, when looking through the double strollers reviews for the best choice, keep in mind not only what’s best for your children, but also what’s essential for your own comfort, convenience, and lifestyle.

How much do I need to spend on a Buggy for my Toddler?

What you spend on double strollers should factor in your budget and the price-performance ratio. Once you’ve determined a stroller budget, read each review to compare the review specs and determine which stroller gets you the best bang for your buck.

More features can mean higher prices, but this doesn’t mean that lower-priced double strollers are lower in quality. Our double strollers reviews cover a range of prices, so you can find the stroller that meets your needs and budget.

Maintenance and Accessories

As you read the double strollers reviews, you’ll notice various buggy accessories. The accessories in these reviews are not required, but can definitely make your life easier! Useful accessories covered in the reviews include cup holders, snack trays, rain protectors, and more.

Thinking ahead, you’ll also want to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance specs in the strollers reviews. Details, like removeable and washable seats or replaceable self-service parts that can be ordered from the manufacturer, will make your life easier and make the double stroller last longer.

Criteria for Our Stroller Review

Convenience and Comfort

These review criteria are for both parents and kids. Is the double stroller convenient to handle? Some of our best strollers in the reviews can be steered one-handed! Comfort is another plus, not just with the children’s seating, but also with how easy it is to use the stroller. Convenience and comfort are discussed in the reviews in further detail.

Adjustment Possibilities

This review criterium covers adjustability in a range of areas, from the handlebar height, to car-seat adaptability, and more. Various adjustment possibilities were a primary concern in our reviews.

Handiness and Foldability

Can you fold and carry the buggy with one hand? Some of the best strollers in our reviews can do just that, making them a great choice for parents who frequently run errands by themselves.

Security and Stability

From design, to harness style, to braking systems and wheel structure, the security and stability of your little ones is our top review priority. Our reviews cover these important details and more.

With these review criteria, and keeping in mind your budget and lifestyle, without further ado, we present the reviews of the best double strollers in each of the review categories! Read the brief stroller reviews below or see the full reviews for more details. Enjoy!


Whether you’re searching reviews for an upgrade to the double stroller that’s best for your needs, or you’re researching reviews to find your first double stroller, we hope our evaluations will help you find the best double buggy for your needs.

Check out our comprehensive site to learn more details and to guarantee you end up with the best double stroller for you and your family.

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