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Which Double Buggy Type is Best for Children of Different Ages?



While adding a new addition to the family is an exciting time, it can be a little stressful if you already have a toddler in the house. On one hand, you have a lot of what you need. On the other hand, your toddler probably still needs some of these same things. The biggest transition you will need to adjust to is transporting not one, but two tiny tearaways.

Transporting both a baby and toddler is not an impossible task, but it sure can seem like it. While your new baby and your toddler have very different needs, there are double buggies on the market that are designed to meet both of their needs.

For your newborn, having a unit that is a lie-flat carrycot and can recline is crucial. Newborns have to lie down flat as they can’t yet support themselves; which is not ideal for toddlers who are curious and eager to watch the world go by while you push them along. You will also want to consider how your toddler and baby will doze off at separate times. This means that it is necessary to have a buggy that allows them to raise or recline their seats without bothering their sister or brother. This is key to having a tantrum-free journey!

These are just a few things to consider before purchasing a double buggy for your two children. Other important features to think about before committing to a double stroller for your baby and toddler include:


You want to find the lightest double buggy out there. Having a baby and a toddler in a pushchair can even those made of the lightest materials hard to push around. Purchasing the lightest possible one will make it easier to manoeuvre in general but will especially help when you’re trying to pop it up onto a curb or just carry it up or down stairs. If you can, test out the weight of the options you are interested in to ensure that you are happy with the weight.

Age Range

The age of your two children can affect the weight limit of the buggy that you choose. While searching for buggies, you may notice that some tandem buggies have a weight range that suggests “suitable to and from.” These limits vary widely for each pushchair. Oftentimes with tandem buggies, you’ll find that, when you add a second seat, it limits the weight you can put in it overall. For example, a buggy can be advertised to carry up to 55lbs, but that can mean the whole thing and not each seat – meaning it can actually hold a maximum of 27lbs per child. Always read the manual to determine how much can actually be put in it and do not assume that one stroller will work because another did, as every model is different.


The most obvious difference a double buggy has compared to a single stroller is its width. Having two seats placed together for two small humans is bound to be wider, and sometimes longer than normal-sized strollers. This isn’t a huge issue unless you’re planning on pushing your buggy through indoor spaces often. Before buying a buggy, measure the doors and hallways of your home to get a good idea of the size you want. Also, consider the sizes of shop doors and aisles if you’ll be taking the babies on errands with you.

Lying Flat

For your double buggy to be suitable for both a toddler and a newborn, you want a pushchair that is equipped with a lie-flat seat or lie-flat carrycot. Luckily, there are quite a few double buggy options that give you the choice of attaching different seating options. For example, many strollers allow you to attach a car seat. Other options also allow you to place your baby and toddler facing in different directions. This option is suitable to ensure that your two little angels don’t bother each other. Whatever your budget and preferences are, there is a double buggy somewhere out there that will perfectly fit your lifestyle.

Finding Your Perfect Double Buggy

Finding a double buggy that is right for you is essential when you have two children close in age. It can be difficult, but, with the right research you can find exactly what you need. Using the reviews on our website Double Buggy Reviews will help guide you to find the right stroller for you and your children.

Remember, the most important feature you need for your pushchair is safety. Our reviews thoroughly go over the safety features of a range of double buggies as well as which ones have the best material, tyre types, harness style, etc. Our experiences as parents make us extremely equipped in determining the features that make a high-quality buggy. Our aim is to help show others the best big and small brands and determine which option is the best

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