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Life as a parent is never simple, especially when you have more than one child to contend with while you try to undertake those every tasks, so when it comes to choosing a buggy why does it have to be so challenging?

As a couple with young twins, we know that you are about to face what feels like one of the most important decisions that you have had to make up until this point, whether you should buy a twin or tandem pushchair.

Here we thought that in order to offer you a little more information about the options that you have available to you, we would take a look at both twin buggies and tandem buggies to see if we can help you make up your mind, without all the hair pulling that we experienced.

Double Pushchair Variations

So if you are new to parenting or simply this is your first time at having to cope with more than one child at the same time, it will have already struck you that you are going to need to be able to take your children with you everywhere you go, whether that be to the post office or to do the weekly shopping at the supermarket.

Now for that to be viable in any form, you are going to need to work out which of the following options is better suited to you and your needs, as failing to prepare is how many say, preparing to fail.

There are two variations of pushchairs available on the market at the moment that are aimed at parents with more than one child, giving you the choice between either a twin buggy or tandem buggy.

Yes we know that both will offer you the same overall outcome, but the question is, which will suit you the best?

Twin Pushchairs

Twin Buggies vs Tandem BuggiesJust like the alternative, twin buggies offer you the ability to seat two children in the pushchair at once, however the one most important difference between the two styles is the way in which the seats are aligned.

With twin pushchairs, the seats are what we call ‘side by side’ in which both children are placed into seats that are in line with each other.

Okay so although that sounds like the perfect choice, you have a couple of things that you will need to think about to ensure that is actually the case, as we have previously overlooked this and been caught out amid a flurry of screams and crying.

The first thing that you need to think about is how do the children interact with each other. Now this is something that is more critial to think about as your children are a little older as this is when tiredness quickly turned to boredom, followed by the annoyance of their sibling.

If this sounds like your little bundles, then you should maybe take a look at the twin pushchair alternative below.

Tandem Pushchairs

Twin Buggies vs Tandem BuggiesTandem pushchairs are designed to offer you the ability to be able to take your children with you on the go, while helping to not only reduce the width of the stroller that you are using while improving mobility but it also changes the seating layout when you need it most.

With two seats placed one in front of the other, the stroller is made smaller and that will improve the mobility of the stroller due to tighter lines.

This style of double buggy has become very popular within the higher value marketplace, with the likes of iCandy and many other brands choosing to base their collections around this seating alignment.

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