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Tips for Keeping Your Babies Protected from the Weather in their Double Buggy



When you’re purchasing supplies and toys for your baby, safety is the biggest thing on your mind as a parent. There are so many outside influences that can affect your child, from the weather to illness and germs.

If you have twins or two children around the same age, the worry that they’ll be hurt by the elements in their buggy is two-fold. Extreme weather can be an extreme pain for parents who need to get out and about – you may need to run errands, but first you’ll need to know the best ways to weatherproof your double buggy to ensure the babies don’t get too hot, too cold, or wet.

Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your child is protected from the weather in their double buggy.

How to Shade Your Child from the Sun

When temperatures skyrocket in the summer, your first instinct as a parent is to shield your children from the sun. You’ll be tempted to do this by using a muslin cloth, a blanket, or a towel. This seems like the most helpful method to keep them safe, but it can be dangerous for them.

According to a Swedish study by paediatrician Dr Svante Norgren, buggies that are covered by a thin blanket can actually become 15 degrees hotter than they would if left uncovered. Some paediatricians advise parents to keep the buggy uncovered (but in the shade, and put hats and sunscreen on the babies) because you won’t be able to monitor your baby, and it creates an atmosphere inside that can lead to heat exhaustion or suffocation.

When you take your children out on a hot summer day, ensure that they stay well-hydrated, cool, and shaded (not covered). Keep a closer eye on your baby in these conditions, and seek medical attention if you start noticing any signs of heat exhaustion.

The best way for you to protect your small children from hot weather is to simply stay inside. If you’re tempted to go outside, avoid the hottest parts of the day, usually between 11am and 5pm. If you’re going out during those peak sunshine hours, prepare your baby and your cart. Dress your baby in hats and sunglasses. If your child is over 6 months, apply baby sunscreen to their skin. For your double buggy, equip a sunshade, parasol, or other accessories that are designed to help keep them cool. Some of the most helpful accessories are pushchair liners that are designed to circulate cool air, and clip-on fans that are safe for babies.

Avoiding the Chill of Winter

Cold weather can be very bad for babies, who can easily contract pneumonia and hypothermia. However, there are many accessories for your double buggy that will keep children safe and warm. A few of the essential items you’ll need for your double buggy in the winter include:


  • Wool liner. Wool is a great material for keeping warm. There are a few liners that you can find for your pushchair that are made of micro-suede and lambswool, specifically created to fit buggies.


  • Bunting bag. A bunting bag is a device specifically designed with a baby’s warmth in mind. It resembles a miniature sleeping bag that makes travel for your baby extremely warm and comfortable. Bunting bags can sometimes be directly attached to the buggy, which is helpful.

Note: while bunting bags are a great solution for your pushchair needs, don’t be tempted to use one in your car seat. Many car seat manufacturers warn against using aftermarket add-ons.

Keeping Dry on Rainy Days

Rain is another type of weather that you should prepare your buggy for. Showers can strike at any time of year in most countries, so parents need to be prepared whether it’s mid-winter or the height of summer. It’s best to keep accessories on hand at a moment’s notice.

Many types of pushchairs come with rain guards that are great at protecting your children from inclement weather. You can easily find guards for your buggy type, or just a generic one, online. To add further protection, dress your baby in waterproof clothing, like coats and boots.

Like with accessories meant to protect your children from heat, there are some buggy add-ons that can cause problems for your babies. Rain covers made from plastic should ideally be PVC- and BPA-free, and they should always be properly ventilated. Having products that are not properly ventilated can lead to overheating and suffocation risks.

The Bottom Line

When looking for weather accessories for your double buggy, always do thorough research before buying. Temperature control, physical comfort, and air circulation are vital to keeping your children happy and healthy.

You can find all the information you need on double buggies and their accessories on our site Double Buggy Reviews. Our experiences as the parents of twins have given us insights into what to expect from certain double buggies. Our aim is to help you find the double buggy that fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

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