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ZOE Umbrella XL2 Double Stroller, DELUXE – Aqua


Having children close in age has its many hassles and many rewards. You don’t want travel to be fit into the hassle category. The type of stroller you use to transport your kids can not only affect your kid’s mood negatively but be aggravating and frustrating for you.

There are features you want to keep in mind, such as whether it has space to comfortably fit diaper bags or whether it can fold up. Plus, you have to purchase two strollers if you have two kids close in age. The ZOE Umbrella Stroller is the perfect solution for parents with multiple kids.

The ZOE Umbrella Stroller with Double Buggies is the ultimate two-seater, lightweight stroller for parents who are fed up with the bulkiness of other twin strollers. It’s a great stroller for parents on the go. You can take it with you to travel the world, run an errand, a stroll through the park, and basically anywhere you want to take the kids.

This ZOE Umbrella Stroller review (double buggies) will detail the benefits, feature, pros, and cons to help you determine if this is the stroller for you.


  • Easy to Use and Setup: The ZOE Umbrella Stroller has the benefit of being a breeze to set up and to use. Setting it up takes only minutes to do. While it does not come with a user manual, the ZOE website has a helpful instructional video. Video instruction may not be for everyone but it does help for those who are visual learners.

The ease of use comes in the form of foldability and the brakes. The stroller does not collapse but instead folds in half and is self-standing when the wheels are turned in the right direction. The brakes are single action with a long bar between the wheels which makes it easy to set and release.

  • The Amount of Comfort: Not only is the ZOE Umbrella Stroller comfortable for your kids to sit in for extended periods of time, the ZOE Umbrella Stroller with double buggies is great for parents to use as well. While the seats don’t have leg rests, the seats are positioned at comfortable angles. The height of the handle is comfortable for parents who are tall and short. The design of the handle also makes it comfortable to use one handed.


The ZOE Umbrella Stroller with dual buggies has a variety of adjustment possibilities. The straps are easily adjustable and simple to work with. The straps on the side are operated simply by a button on the buckle. The canopy is interchangeable so you can remove it or replace it easily.  It has a roll-up rear shade that allows parents to protect their kids from the sun when down and to watch their angels when it’s up.

The stroller is very convenient. It folds easily and can fit in almost any backpack, although ZOE does offer an optional backpack and travel bag as an add-on. The brake also comes in handy with its simple mechanics. The large storage space underneath is a big convenience for holding large diaper bags and extra belongings.

The ZOE Umbrella Stroller with double buggy is a self-standing stroller. While its lightweight nature makes it seem unstable, the self-standing mechanism makes it extremely sturdy. The straps provide a secure hold on your children. They’re extremely easy to release as well as tighten. You can rest easy knowing that your child will not be in a stroller that will fall apart or throw them on the ground.

The stroller has extra padding for added convenience and comfort. The stroller has cup holders for both your toddler and you. The large storage space below is extremely convenient. The different additional accessories that are offered give it extra convenience if needed. It’s a diverse stroller that provides a lot of comfort.


  • Extremely Lightweight: One of the biggest pros to getting the ZOE Umbrella Stroller with double buggies is that it is extremely lightweight for a two-seater stroller. Bigger strollers tend to get bulkier and can weigh up to 40 pounds. This stroller is a great alternative.
  • Quality: The quality in sturdiness and security make this stroller worth the purchase. The quality of the material is great and heavy and will wear well through the years.


  • Accessories: While there are great accessories that come with the stroller, the extra padding offered doesn’t stay in place very well and make it hard to reach the straps.

  • The Wheels: The wheels can be shaky and get caught on rough terrain. Those living in the city have reported that it’s tough to get their kids around in this stroller when walking the streets. ZOE has worked to fix this problem though, along with others based on customer feedback.

The Verdict

The ZOE Umbrella Stroller review (double buggies) has shown how the stroller is a versatile and lightweight option that is extremely easy to use. It’s great for everyday use as well as travel. If you have two children, a double stroller is a necessity and the ZOE Umbrella Stroller can be the one for you.

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