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Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller, Gray Squared



A stroller can be one of a parent’s greatest assets while raising a child. It is both a form of security and a means of transportation that ever parental figure can see the value in. That being said, there has been one model on the market that people have been raving about and longing to try. Today we’ll be giving you a closer look of what’s been trending in the world of kid-transportation with a Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller review. Whether you are a mom or dad with twins or if you have children who range in age, this is a product that is innovatively designed with your family in mind.

Product Overview

Most double strollers are considered bulky and difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. The Summer Infant 3Dtwo stroller, on the other hand, is structured to be steered and pushed with ease. Instead of two adjacent seats side-by-side, this stroller slims the typical double stroller down by putting one seat in front of the other. The product is extremely lightweight and easily manageable when it comes to folding and travel.

 The Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller is a compact design made to be a 1-hand fold and recline, which is perfect when you need to push double. Not to mention, its auto locks and has a carrying strap for convenience. The stroller has stadium-style seats that can hold as much as 75 pounds. The back seat is 12in wide, 18in tall, and 7in deep while the front seat is as well 12in wide and 18in tall, but 6.5in deep. The stroller is known for its sturdiness and glide like movement.

Benefiting Features

As you can tell, this stroller is packed with extra features that are sure to make your day out that much easier. The product is made with large canopies with peek-a-boo windows that are independently adjusted. If you’re worried that your child’s view from the back seat will be blocked from the front canopy, no worries! Both the front and back canopy is detachable if you’re indoors or would just like to remove them. The windows are both made of UVA and UVB ray resistant material that are 99.9% effective. It’s even customized with a cup holder for parents and has both a storage pocket and a larger storage basket that is accessible from both sides and the back.

Security, Stability, And Adjustment Possibilities

The Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller has two reclining positions for the comfort of your kids as well as double-padded, 5-point easy pop buckle safety harnesses. It’s both handy and effortless. As it is stated above, the product is a 1-fold fold, giving you no trouble when it’s time to pack up. The product is accompanied by a padded bumper bar as well as a front seat calf rest and rear seat footrest for babies who need greater support. This makes adjusting to the comfort of your baby easy and painless.


  • Difficulty Steering: If you add too much weight to this model, it becomes difficult to maneuver.
  • Good Quality Wheels: The wheels are clearly made of high quality and can stand up against tough terrain.
  • Ample Storage: The storage pocket fits keys, bottles, and phones for faster access. The storage basket, however, will not hold a big diaper bag. Still, the model is well-made and sufficiently sturdy to hang it from the handle.


  • Lacks Full Recline: Although the stroller does have two recline settings, neither of two pull back all the way. Still, the recline of this stroller is sufficient for any kid to fall asleep comfortably.
  • Tall Handlebars: The handlebars of the stroller are taller than average. This makes it a little less comfortable for those who are on the shorter side.


All in all, this stroller is a great bang for your buck considering its flexibility and price. It’s the perfect stroller for a quick errand or while travelling. It’s much lighter than most strollers on the market, it’s only 22 pounds. This makes it great for carrying up and down stairs if you’re ever in the predicament. It’s also great for walking or taking turns down small aisles at grocery stores, malls and doorways, even the stroller’s wheels are perfectly designed to withstand rough terrain at parks or while jogging. It is both durable, convenient, easy to open/close, and the kids will enjoy the ride! Ultimately, this inventive, 1-fold stroller is popular for a reason and can even come with a two or three-year protection plan. It fits kids comfortably and is perfect for the on-the-go mom or dad.

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