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Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller – Black v2


Finding a suitable stroller when you have multiple children can be a daunting task. As a parent, you’re constantly looking for a product that is both sturdy and lightweight, but you also want a product that is comfortable and convenient for you and your child. Finding the right product in a cluttered and saturated market is tough for any parent of young kids, especially when it is something as important as the transportation of your children. Luckily, we know what’s trending in the market today so you won’t have to go very far to find a Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller review. Look below for more details.

Product Overview

This stroller has been highly praised and recommended for parents with twins or those who have multiple children that are close in age. The Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller is known for its lightweight, compact structure. It’s both easy to assemble as well as to open and close. Its narrow frame makes it perfect to maneuver down small hallways or to make sharp turns. It has two seats, one in front of the other. The stroller can carry one car seat in the front for those who have smaller babies. It has a lightweight, aluminum frame, which makes it easy to carry up and down steps when you have to. Both the front and back seat can hold up to 50 lbs, making it quite strong and durable. The stroller’s folded dimensions are 45.5″L x 12″W x 15.5″H, making it perfect for both travel and quick trips.

Benefiting Features: Security, Stability, And Adjustment Possibilities

The Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller is both comfortable for the kids and convenient for mom and dad. This stroller is very light, at only 21.5 lbs, you can carry it pretty much anywhere. It’s perfect for inner city living and air travel. Not to mention, this double seated umbrella stroller is only a tad larger than a single. The stroller is also accompanied with two peekaboo windows so you can check on the kiddies when the umbrella is up.

All parents want to know that they are investing in a stable and safe product for their children. The Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller is both. Both the front and the back seats are padded and have a 5-point harness. The front seat reclines slightly with a bumper bar and a leg rest that is adjustable to fit your child’s comfort.


  • Rain Cover Included: This stroller comes with a nice rain cover, which is typically not often seen in other strollers.
  • Good Braking System: The braking system is definitely a plus with this stroller, as it only requires one step to activate.


  • Not Compatible with All Models: The biggest con with this umbrella stroller is that not all car seat models will attach to the front seat. It’s important you check that your car seat and this stroller is a match before buying unless you’re willing to invest in a new car seat model.
  • Only for Use Until Age 4: Another con of this stroller is it’s not recommended for children four and up. The seats are somewhat narrow so they may or may not fit comfortable depending on the size of the child.
  • Can’t withstand Tough Terrain: The wheels on this stroller are not meant to be pushed on tough terrain, but that’s quite typical for most umbrella strollers.
  • Lacks Storage: If you carry a larger diaper bag it won’t fit in the bottom basket, but on the upside, you can hang it on the handle bars no problem.


Ultimately this is the perfect stroller for all the moms and dads who are on the run and just need something to quickly flip out with ease, unfold, and vice versa. When push comes to the shove, this stroller is exceptional and is worth the investment. It’s definitely the best double stroller on the market today. Although if you happen to be looking for a stroller to go on trails or wheel through grass, we wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s great for quick errands and is easily portable when you’re travelling.

It’s extremely compact and manageable for a double stroller and without problem fits through entrances and aisles whether at the grocery store or the mall. The structure is solid and the stroller itself is high quality. It is both a comfortable ride for your children and an easy haul for you. The handles sit nice and tall, which is ideal for any stroller. This is a product we would definitely recommend to anyone.

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