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Graco RoomFor2 Dual Stand & Ride Stroller & Car Seat Travel System | Glacier


For moms with two kids, there has been no greater solution to problem of dragging around two separate strollers than the development of stand and ride strollers. But, as with most everything these days, there are an extravagant number of options.

Knowing which stand and ride stroller will work best for your family will require a bit of homework, then, which is what we would like to help you with. To start, we will look at a stand and ride stroller produced by one of the most trusted baby equipment manufacturers out there – Graco.

In our Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand & Rider Stroller review, we will discuss the benefits, specifications, pros and cons of Graco’s Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand & Ride Stroller and provide our final verdict. We hope it helps you discover whether this stroller is for you and your little ones!


  • Compatible with Graco infant car seats: one of the great benefits of this stroller is that the front seat is compatible with the Graco classic connect and click connect infant car seats. So, if you have a new baby and an older one, this stroller can accommodate you. Once your baby outgrows his or her car seat, you can secure them safely in the front seat with the 3-5 point safety harness.
  • Options: in addition to being able to use this stroller for your infant (if you have a Graco infant car seat), the front seat and the bench seat in the back have a variety of options for your children. The front seat has a 2 position recline option so that it can sit upright or lie flat, if your child needs a nap. In the back, your older child can either sit on the padded bench facing mom or dad, or they can stand on the platform and use the handle bars for stability.
  • Lightweight & Compact: considering that it is a double stroller, the Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand & Rider stroller is remarkably light weight and compact. It weighs in around 27 lbs. and folds up tightly enough that it has been reported to fit in users’ small car trunks.


The Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand & Ride Stroller, as hinted at above, is quite compact for a double stroller. Weighing in at approximately 27 pounds, its dimensions are 42×21.5×40.5 inches.

With its compactness comes ease of use. It has a one-hand easy fold mechanism and a storage latch that helps it stay nice and tight for storage.

Both the front seat and the back bench seat can hold children weighing up to 50 lbs. each, so the stroller can last through quite a bit of growing.

The front seat comes with a pivoting tray for your child’s drinks, snacks and small toys, and has a removable sunshade. There is also a tray on the stroller handle for the driver, which includes two cup holders and a deep compartment to keep keys, wallet or phone. There is of course also a basket underneath for additional storage for any of your child’s needs.


  • Lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver: as mentioned previously, one of the remarkable things about this stroller is how lightweight and compact it is for a stand and ride stroller. Compared to many in the same category, this stroller will be much easier for a busy parent or caregiver to unfold or fold up and put away in a hurry.
  • Perfect for parents with an older child: for parents who have an older child, such as one in the 3-5 year old range, who is old enough to carry themselves on their own feet, but who may tire and need a rest now and then on longer walks or outings, this is an ideal option. It is also ideal for those who have an older child and just had a new baby, since the front seat is compatible with Graco infant car seats, but can grow with the baby as they outgrow the car seat and up through 50 lbs.


  • Only compatible with Graco infant car seats: if you have a small baby and use a different brand of infant car seat, you unfortunately will not be able to enjoy the benefits of this stroller until your baby is approximately 5 months and old enough to sit in the front seat without the car seat.
  • Limitations for child in the back: while the back has a padded seat if the older child wishes to sit instead of stand, because it is just a bench seat, the child could not recline or nap on longer and more taxing outings. Additionally, if the front seat is holding an infant car seat or is fully reclined, this may crowd out the child in the back a bit and necessitate the need for them to stand instead of sit.

The Verdict

Our Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand & Rider Stroller review finds that this stroller is fantastic for parents who need an easier to manage double stroller and who have two children who will benefit from a stroller ride.

Because of some of the limitations with the seats, we do suggest that the most ideal situation for this stroller is for those who have an older child who is strong enough and old enough not to need a full seat and will be satisfied with the bench seat, and for a younger child big enough to sit in the front seat without the need of the infant car seat, so that there is more room in the back.

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