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Cosatto Shuffle Tandem Pushchair 2014 Range All Star Review


The Cosatto Shuffle Tandem Pushchair 2014 Range All Star may well be part of their range from two years ago but their creation has certainly stood the test of time, making it one of our personal favourites during our testing.

Eye-catching, easy to use and with a sense of quality throughout, the Cosatto Shuffle Tandem Pushchair All Star does plenty to justify its price tag, not to mention the fact that Cosatto offer a 4 year guarantee if you register it with them (UK and Ireland only).

Forget about the lower budget options available as Cosatto have created a multi-function double buggy that is sure to make your life a whole lot easier, both on the move and while out and about in general.


Based on four rotating wheels like many other options out there on the market, the Cosatto Shuffle Tandem All Star eliminates some of the more frequent mobility issues that we seemed to experience with pushchairs of a similar wheel layout.

That said, for this sort of price range I would have liked to have seen it a little easier to push than it turned out to be, something that can really add or remove further strain of having to take the children out to get things done.

I’m the kind of person that likes to see things go above and beyond if you are going to have to part with premium style money, put for me there was something lacking and that means that I think that I would be disappointed if i’d have sent this sort of money but that’s a personal opinion.

I have a friend that also has one of these and she loves it and doesn’t seem to notice any of the handling issues that I have found with using it, so I guess that it could just be me and Simon that know what we like and that’s not having to have super big muscles to be able to get it around.

Storage Space

For a fairly small double buggy, the Cosatto Shuffle Tandem Pushchair 2014 Range All Star does offer a good amount of storage space for while you are out and about with the kids.

Boosted by the fact that they have opted for the ‘under seat’ format, it had more than enough room for me to get everything that I needed under it and still left me with a little room to add those things that you pick up along the way.

I have to admit, this level of storage is something that I would miss if I wasn’t to be given it with my current choice, so for that alone, those of you that often fail to be able to pack everything you need due to space constraints should certainly think about it.


The Cosatto Shuffle Tandem Pushchair comes with two seats (naturally) with the rear seat suitable for children from birth and the front aimed towards children that are 6 months or older.

The seating position for each is very good and there is plenty of space between the two so that the back seated child can reach their legs out without pushing them through the front seat.

To be honest, the seating placement on this is good and works very well with the cover that is provided with the purchase as there is a clear window that is viable from the pushing position that allows you to keep an eye on your little ones without having to stop or lift the waterproof.

I would recommend that you take a look at the measurements of the seats as they do seem to vary from other models and makes that we have used before, however the rear seat does fit nicely into our car so that is a huge plus point for us.

Ease of Use

This Cosatto Shuffle Tandem Pushchair 2014 Range All Star review wouldn’t be complete without me taking a look at how easy it was for us to use it during the time that we had it.

Naturally as a parent of two younger children, I wanted the double buggy to be as easy to use as possible as there is nothing worse than having to battle with the buggy while you have two screaming children performing in their car seats.

While small, so easy to load into the boot of our car, the process in which you fold the buggy up isn’t very clear from the instructions and because of that you should think about having a couple of goes doing it before you venture out, especially if you want to avoid any uninvited laughs.

The pram does fold well, however if you leave the footmuffs and headhugger in place while folding it down it should be noted that you will lose some of the flatness that it has without it, so it will take up a little more room in the boot.

Overall it is easy to use with everything considered and adjusted before you head out to use it, however for us we struggle to be able to have the time to set it up everytime we alter something and the steering being so hard (for us) makes it the sort of buggy that we wouldn’t use everyday over the iCandy that we have.


In terms of looks, the Cosatto Shuffle Tandem Pushchair 2014 Range All Star is certainly up there as one of the best that we have tested, the looks are bold and clear and the quality of the finish to everything is fantastic.

It certainly catches the attention which can be both a good and a bad thing I guess but it also means that people aren’t going to miss you while you complete that 2 mile walk home.

At a price point like this one carries, we expected nothing less than brilliant and Cosatto delivered in our view.

Final Thoughts

The Cosatto Shuffle Tandem Pushchair (2014 Range) looks fantastic and will certainly prove to be a god send for those of you that are looking for something that has enough storage to be able to take everything you would need for two younger children with you.

We did find the handling a little harder to use than we would like, however know others that don’t have the same issue with the stiffness that the wheels have.

Overall it’s a nice double buggy and one that I think if we bought would get used for something like the summer getaways to the coast or something, somewhere with the long straight walkways but the fact that the rear seat fits into the car without too much of an issue could also mean that its up there as one that we would take to our parents house should they have the duo.

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