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BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller, Black


BOB is a well-known stroller brand, but do its products live up to the hype? That’s what we’re going to uncover in this review of two of their most popular strollers, the BOB 2016 Revolution PRO and the FLEX. Both are double jogging strollers designed for active parents who want to take their children with them on casual walks or even on intense jogs.

The PRO model is the deluxe version of the FLEX, with the biggest difference being the addition of a handlebar brake. The PRO model is $50 more than the FLEX, but serious runners say the higher cost is worth the additional safety.

Our BOB 2016 Revolution PRO/FLEX Duallie Stroller review will examine the key benefits of these two strollers, the major pros and cons, and any additional information you should know.


The key benefits of the BOB 2016 Revolution PRO/FLEX Duallie Stroller are as follows:

  • High stability and smooth movement: jogging is a breeze with the adjustable locking front wheel and sturdy frame.
  • Versatility: both the PRO and FLEX strollers are designed for easy cruising on and off-road – you can take them anywhere.
  • Adjustable handle brakes: To safely take on steep hills, the PRO model comes with an adjustable handle brake to quickly slow your stroller down. Both models are equipped with a foot brake.

Product Specifications

The FLEX model weighs in at 33 lbs., while the PRO is a bit heavier at 36 lbs. Both strollers measure 30.5 x 48 x 43 in.

The recommended maximum weight for both strollers is 55lbs total, and they are both recommended for children aged 36 months and younger.

  • Adjustment possibilities

The handlebar can be positioned at 9 different heights, so your height isn’t an issue. The seats are adjustable so your baby or toddler can sleep comfortably or sit up straight and enjoy the scenery.

  • Ease of use

One of the most important features for a double stroller to have is the ability to fold and store easily. We were pleased by how easy it was to fold and how small the large double stroller became – it could easily fit into a closet or in the trunk of a car.

A good jogging stroller should feel smooth and effortless to push, and we were pleased to find both the PRO and FLEX Duallie’s met and even exceeded that standard. Even off-road or on bumpy boardwalks, the suspension system keeps your two little passengers from feeling the uneven terrain and allows you to move forward with ease.

  • Security and stability

The front wheel locks in place for added stability while jogging, and can be easily unlocked to take sharp turns and weave through crowds and tight spaces.

With two children sitting inside, the weight of a double jogging stroller can be difficult to control going down a hill. That’s why we especially like the BOB 2016 Revolution PRO/FLEX Duallie’s adjustable hand brakes and foot brakes, which add an extra level of safety when jogging downhill.

  • Convenience and comfort

For your child’s comfort and protection, the overhead canopy comes down far enough to completely shield them from the sun’s harmful rays.

While double jogger strollers might be difficult to use indoors, their large size is good for one thing – storage. We love how convenient the huge storage basket underneath the seat is, as well as the pouch on the back of the stroller.

Pros & Cons


  • Smooth on all terrains, both models of the BOB 2016 Revolution roll smoothly along rough surfaces and turn easily in tight indoor spaces.
  • Car seat compatibility allows for a quick transition from stroller to backseat.
  • Handle and foot brakes let you stop quickly and safely on steep surfaces.
  • Large storage baskets and pouches let you keep everything that you need on hand.
  • Two-step folding allows for quick and easy storage.


  • Not large enough for older children, the recommended age limit is 36 months.
  • Accessories are not included: things like the snack tray and handlebar console must be purchased separately.

Final Verdict

As we near the end of our BOB 2016 Revolution PRO/FLEX Duallie Stroller review, we must reach a final verdict – is this stroller worth your money?

After weighing the pros and cons, we’ve come to the conclusion that the value of the Revolution PRO/FLEX Duallie Stroller is worth the cost. The high-quality material is built to last a lifetime, saving you the hassle and cost of replacement. Despite its relatively short life-span, with most children outgrowing the stroller past age three, you’re sure to get plenty of use out of it before then. While the PRO is an upgraded version of the FLEX, we believe that both are some of the best double jogging strollers currently on the market. If you think it’s the right choice for your family, then buy one today!

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