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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer


As moms, we are constantly trying to find what will work best for our families. Finding the right stroller, especially when you have two or more littles that still need it, is no exception.

Trouble is, even if you know what type of stroller you want, such as one of the newer sit and stand types, there are still overwhelming options. How do you know which one will fit you and your family best?

That is where we want to help you out. In our Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Review, we will thoroughly discuss the benefits, specifications, pros and cons of the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double stroller and then provide you with our final verdict.

There are plenty of good strollers out there. But you need the right one that will fit your family just right. We hope our review helps you out!


There are now many sit and stand strollers out there to choose from. However, there are a number of benefits to the Baby Trend Sit N Stand that are quite unique that we think you will be excited to learn about.

  • Versatility: the Baby Trend Sit N Stand is capable of holding up to two baby infant car seats at once via “click-connect” technology. So, if you have two children close together, or if you have twins, and both need to be in infant car seats, this stroller is perfect.However, unlike most brands of strollers where you have to purchase a car seat that matches the brand and model of the stroller (which is the case with most “travel systems”), the Baby Trend Sit N Stand is actually compatible with many 22-35 pound infant car seats from other brands!So, if your first child has a car seat from a different brand, you can still purchase this stroller when you have your second. Even if your original or preferred car seats don’t “click-connect,” the Baby Trend Sit N Stand has safety straps that you can use to strap down your car seat once it is in place.
  • Seating Options: the Baby Trend Sit N Stand also offers a surprising variety of seating options to fit almost any two-child combo situation.As mentioned above, the stroller can accommodate two children still in infant car seats. You can have the car seats facing forward or toward you according to your preference.But, if you have a toddler who is no longer in an infant car seat, you could have him or her sit in the back seat or in the front seat and have the infant car seat in the opposite seat. The older child’s seat can either sit up or recline if they are tired.If both of your children are out of the infant car seats, then the stroller can accommodate them both with the regular seats, and they can recline or sit up.

            Finally, if you have an older child who can do some walking on their own but may need   the occasional break on a long walk or outing, the back seat can be removed to reveal           the traditional sit or stand platform. He or she can sit on the bench facing mom or dad,             or stand facing forward.

  • Perfect for Growing Families: This stroller is perfect for the growing family. Whether your children are very close in age, or even quite a few years apart, this stroller can accommodate them.Did you just have a new baby, but also have an older child who, while they can still walk on their own, may occasionally need a rest on a longer outing? Instead of dragging along a second extra stroller for “just in case,” you can have the sit/stand option read for your eldest to hop on when they need a break.Have two that are still in infant carriers? No problem. But the beauty is, as they grow, you don’t have to replace the stroller. Even if one of them is out of the carrier before the other one is, the seating and options on this stroller can perfectly accommodate.


The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double stroller is a somewhat hefty 34 pounds, with dimensions of 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches. While this seems a bit large, when folded up, it is actually only a couple inches longer than most of the larger Graco or Chicco single strollers.

As mentioned above, the stroller can accommodate two infant car seats, whether they are Baby Trend brand or otherwise. If they cannot click in, there is a safety strap with which to strap them down in the back seat.

The seats can be kept in an upright position or reclined. The seats have five-point safety harnesses for maximum safety. Over both seats are foldable, removable sun canopies to keep children shaded from harmful UV rays. Also attached to each seat are removable, “swing away” child trays with cup holders. At the back is a parent tray which includes two cup holders and a covered compartment.

Below is a large storage basket. The entire stroller folds up with a one-hand fold button located in the center of the stroller handle bar.


  • Incredibly versatile: as evidenced above, this stroller has got to be one of the most versatile out there. It can be compatible with various brands of infant car seats, it can fit two children in the same stage or who are a couple years apart in development, and has a variety of seating arrangements.
  • Grows with your family: because of its versatility, this stroller is perfect for growing with your family. It could really be the only stroller you need.
  • Easy to handle: Considering it is a double stroller, and is therefore rather large, it is very easy to handle. It has a one-hand folding system, can be stored standing up.It is also quite maneuverable, despite its size. Add the shock absorbers, and it moves like a dream, even over grassy and bumpy terrain.


  • Its Heavy: The stroller does weigh a hefty 34 pounds. However, it is a double stroller after all, and has a pretty serious weight limit (holding up to 80 pounds), which means it needs to be made of durable stuff.
  • Not all car seats can click-connect: Not all brands of car seats can click-connect into this stroller. However, they have developed straps to strap in other makes of car seats, so most infant car seats can still fit safely into this stroller.

The Verdict

This Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double stroller is one of the most versatile, best options out there. It can fit almost any two-child combination that you may have, can accommodate your car seats from different brands, and can grow with you. Despite its size, it is easy to use and still rather compact. On top of all that, it is safe AND it’s remarkably affordable, costing less than many single strollers.

You can’t really go wrong with this stroller (unless, perhaps, you have triplets). Buy one today if you think it’s the right fit for your home!

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